Goose Branding & Trim Projects

Goose are a fashion and sportswear trend and design consultancy in London with whom I have worked as a freelance designer across a range of projects. We began working together back in 2011 developing trims and branding for HEAD snow wear.

Goose x Head Trims-01Goose x Head Trims-02Goose x Head Trims-03Goose x Head Trims-04

Goose x Killer Loop trims-01Goose x Killer Loop trims-02Goose x Killer Loop trims-03

Goose x Maple-Z branding-01Goose x Maple-Z branding-02Goose x Maple-Z branding-03Goose x Maple-Z branding-04Goose x Maple-Z branding-05Goose x Maple-Z branding-06Goose x Maple-Z branding-07