Superdry Graphics

Over the 6 years I spent working with Superdry I designed T-shirts, typefaces, surface patterns for shirting, jersey and accessories, trims and labels and a range of other graphics for use in store.

For T-shirts I developed work within Superdry’s unique style, ethos and hand-rendered approach. I have worked across both the men’s and women’s ranges, developing best sellers and brand classics. Here is just a tiny slice of the work produced.

AW17_New_adds3_Artboard 1AW17_New_adds3_Artboard 2AW17_New_adds2_Artboard 4AW17_New_adds2_Artboard 5AW17_New_adds2_Artboard 6 copyAW17_New_adds2_Artboard 6AW17_New_adds_Artboard 1AW17_New_adds2_Artboard 3AW17_Noodle_Artboard 3AW17_Noodle_Artboard 4AW17_Noodle_Artboard 5AW17_Noodle_Artboard 6 copy 2AW17_Noodle_Artboard 6 copyAW17_Noodle_Artboard 6AW17_Core_Artboard 2AW17_Core_Artboard 3AW17_Core_Artboard 1new stuff 04-05-16-01New stuff for SS17 etc 21-04-16-02Coop script style-02AW17_Artboard 4HS17 womens tweaks and updates 1_Artboard 3HS17 urban jungle tweaks and updates 1_Artboard 4SS17 T and F New Kiss Variations-02SS17 T and F New Kiss Variations-06SS17 T and F New Kiss Variations-08SS17 T and F New Kiss Variations-13SS17 Hawaiian classic bursts-01SS17 90s mania-01SS17 womens vintage hawaiian-01SS17 Slammin athletic doodah BETTER-01SS17 Toner-01SS17 Extra-01SS17 swishy swish swish-01SS17 Pilsner-01SS17 Fine Script-01SS17 highest grade lines-01SS17 west coast baller-01SS17 Long stroke-01SS17 Fine roundal-01SS17 Fine fatty-01SS17 Big Oldie-01SS17 Keep it 80s Brush-01SS17 real athletic francais-01SS17 Athletics Co-01SS17 womens ideas 2-01SS17 Hawaiian classic bursts-02 THUMB DOTSAW17_tri_expArtboard 1AW17_aloha_Artboard 2 copyAW17_aloha_Artboard 2AW17_ski_Artboard 1AW17_ski_Artboard 2AW17_ski_Artboard 3AW17_ski_Artboard 4AW17_ski_Artboard 5AW17_Artboard 1AW17_Artboard 2AW17_Artboard 2 copyAW17_warriors_Artboard 1R n D twists pack-03SD Delta trims ideas-01