WGSN Graphics

WGSN became a client almost as soon as I had graduated in 2002. Since then we have developed many trend stories for the Graphics directory. Here is a taste of the work developed.

‘Graphic Aggitation’

This is a collection of Sport/Street tee designs with a pure typographic approach. Juxtaposed typographic tee designs with mixed up font sizes and quirky arrangements for an updated technical ‘Athletic Skate’ direction.

‘Customised Tribal’

A hand-drawn and doodle-inspired collection of designs depicting the daily ramblings of modern life. Subtlety strange yet humorous, like shopping lists and observations for instance. The over-all aesthetic is playful tribal/ethnic look.


Tough, liquor drinking biker-inspired tees. From detailed illustrated skeletal motifs to ornate script type, the designs are hard hitting and meticulously studied. Think more tough vintage Triumph bike style than cheesy Harley/Chopper gang stuff.

‘Bad Girl’

A ‘bad girl 50s’ theme with vector illustrations and cheeky slogans. Think rockabilly, beauty school dropouts, slumber parties, and skating diners with a ‘cheeky’ slant.

‘Handicraft Gang’

Although there is military reference in here as a starting point, this is something a bit more fun and quirky. 1950s rebel motorcycle gangs but with direct petrol visual references, subverted Americana vintage and Varsity inspiration, random, mundane and nonsense imagery.

‘Letterpress Statements’

Old letter press looks mixed with quirky sayings and messages/weird posters/quotes. Fun phrases/statements/quotes that you’d want to wear on your chest. Very graphic aesthetics but with authentic fonts and the textured look of the letter press.

‘Pixel Hype’

Pixel manipulation; sports and retro logos, pixelised art prints, random objects with transparent pixel overlays. Characters, tribal / homespun pattern and large over scale prints with skulls and symbols.

‘Tattooed Scrawl’

A mix of inky tattoo effects, over-layed/doodled imagery and traditional tattoo flash styles.

‘Ping Pong Utd’

Mixing retro and more modern sports graphics, small local team logos and hardcore sports looks in a playful story around Ping pong championships.